Wedding Cakes

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Special Events Cakes

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Pineapple * Vanilla * Orange * Carrot- Ginger * Apple – Ginger * Chocolate * Chili Chocolate * Cardamom * German Chocolate


Vanilla buttercream * Vanilla buttercream (infused with choice of spice or zests) * Chocolate buttercream * Fresh whipped vanilla cream * Citrus curds or citrus zest buttercream Fruit gelee * Mascerated fruits with fresh cream or ganache * Chocolate ganache (infused with choice of spice)

Classic Favorites for Birthdays

Pineapple cake:

Fresh black pepper saute pineapple, pineapple sponge, fresh vanilla whipped cream

Black forest:

Chocolate sponge, mascerated cherry, cherry gelee, fresh cream, chocolate sauce

Chocolate cake:

Valhrona german chocolate sponge, coffee soak, black cardamom ganache, dark chocolate glaze

Lemon Delights:

Lemon cake with lime soak, Citrus curd, lemon buttercream


Fusion Delights

German chocolate cake, green cardamom orange vanilla buttercream, orange or raspberry soak, mascerated fruits, fruit gelee
Spicy Chocolate cake, black pepper soak, salty caramel buttercream, almond nut brittle or toasted nuts
Green cardamom pistachio cake with chai buttercream
Chilli chocolate cake with nuttella cinnamon buttercream

Magazine Featured Cakes

Moist fig cake with caramel ginger buttercream
Mango cheese cake: alfonso mangoes, ginger vanilla crust

Vegan Cakes

Pistachio cake with chai buttercream
Chilli chocolate cake with nuttella cinnamon buttercream

Classic Delights

Vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream or light cream cheese filling
Chocolate Cake: Black cardamom ganache, coffee soak, chocolate glaze


Cake Sizes Available

  • 6" Round serves 6-8 $30
  • 8" Round serves 8-12 $40
  • 10" Round serves 12-20 $55
  • 12" Round serves 20-35 $75
  • 14" Round serves 35-45 $95
  • ¼ Sheet (8.5"x13") serves 12-24 $60
  • ½ Sheet (19"x13") serves 24-40 $110

Custom flavors of cakes, filling & frostings are available upon request and with advance notice. We can make a custom blend for you! We also have specialty children's cakes.


  • Cakes $ 5.00 - $ 12.00 per serving
  • Individual desserts $ 3.00 – $5.75 per serving
  • Ice creams and Sorbets $ 3.00 – $5.75 per serving
  • Truffles $ 2.50 - $3.50 per truffle

Basic cake prices does not include special decoration or apply to all flavors. Wedding cakes are normally higher based on the complexity of decoration.