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About Us

SurbhiMany childhood memories are born of sweet kitchen creations… a fragrance, a flavor…Bittersweet recreates memories, bringing these fragrances and flavors to your next event. Punctuate your next celebration with the rare beauty and essence of Indian inspired desserts created with your expectations in mind.

bittersweet Whether you are seeking ethnic sweets, inspired desserts, or cakes, Surbhi Sahni works with your tastes to create a magical last course that will leave your guests asking for more.


Available at Hemant Mathur's highly acclaimed restaurant, Tulsi in New York City (

Tulsi NYC

This is a quintessential Indian dessert served for the most formal and decadent of occasions. It celebrates the cooking of India through a perfect marriage of flavor, texture and visual appeal. As the name suggests, this dessert evokes the decadence, luxury, and sophistication accredited to the Mogul period of Indian history.

It is in essence an Indian bread pudding, that has hints of a French Toast or Pancake comfort factor. This dessert celebrates the genius with which Indians finesse a marriage of flavors and textures in their kitchens. Using a Pullman Brioche that is sliced and flash fried until golden and crisp, the bread is then soaked in a saffron flavored simple syrup and then topped with Rabri, a cardamom flavored reduction of whole milk. The classic Indian bread pudding is then garnished with almond brittle and gold leaf.